HEROES EAT STEAK: We’re on a mission to give our heroes the meal they deserve

Here in America, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by heroes—men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe, and in some cases, even protect our freedom.

Michael Jordan’s Steak House is on a campaign to honor these heroes, and satisfy their “red-blooded” appetites.

So we’re kicking off an appreciation program we call, “Heroes Eat Steak.”

During the Heroes Eat Steak event, Michael Jordan’s Steak House will single out a genuine American hero each month, and stake them to a free dinner for two in our restaurant. It’s our steak-house way of saying “thank you” to those who stake their lives every day to protect us.

Heroes Eat Steak has already begun—Marine Corps veteran Jeremy Campbell and his guest recently enjoyed a steak dinner on us. We’ll tell you more about Jeremy in Steakmag soon. Our first heroes come to us through the Veteran Tickets Foundation (VetTix.org), who put us together with Jeremy, and will be helping us find other heroes who will get the Heroes Eat Steak experience.

Eddie Rausch, Chairman of the Board of Vet Tix, explained to Steakmag that his organization exists to “give back and say thank you for sacrificing.”

“We were born at the Super Bowl in 2008,” Rausch recalled, “and since that day we have distributed in excess of 835,000 tickets valued at more than $33 million. We’ve distributed tickets in all 50 states. We accept event tickets to anything from children’s theater, all the way on up to tickets to the Super Bowl. If it takes a ticket to get in or get on, we’ll accept it and make sure it gets used by one of our veterans.

“These guys and women volunteer to serve our country on the front lines,” he said. “They’re writing a check for the amount of up to and including their life.” That’s why his organization is so passionate about its mission. “These are families that are sacrificing their brothers, their sisters, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. We want to try to give back at least in some little way. There’s just so much they sacrifice, and people don’t realize, day in and day out, what they go through.”

Michael Jordan’s Steak House believes in the same, and wants to give back by saying thank you our way. We believe steak is the king of meals—and we feel it’s the meal these heroes deserve. Which makes a partnership with Vet Tix a heroic win-win.

Rausch agrees. “I can’t tell you how excited we are as an organization to be a part of a program like Heroes Eat Steak,” he said. “For most of these guys and women who have served or are serving, I think steak is high on their list of meals they’d like to be able to enjoy. A free dinner at a fine dining restaurant not only provides veterans with some much needed enjoyment, but it also can be a huge morale-booster, knowing there’s people out there—including the folks at Michael Jordan’s Steak House—who think so much of them and want to honor them in a way they never thought possible.”

We will be asking everyone in the community to help us provide a hero’s welcome to the first Heroes Eat Steak honorees like this month’s Jeremy Campbell, by expressing your sentiments about our hero’s service on our Facebook or Twitter pages. In fact, you can start the conversation now by going to #HeroesEatSteak.

Michael Jordan’s Steak House believes Vet Tix is a great cause, and we’re proud to be partnering with them this season.

We hope that you’ll join us by adding your words of support, as we see to it that, Heroes Eat Steak.